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Orchard-Rite Frost Fans

Growers Services Frost Fans has teamed up with Orchard-Rite - the number one selling manufacturer of frost fan protection globally - to provide Australian farmers with some of the most powerful frost fans. With 55 years of experience, Orchard-Rite know what it takes to keep crops safe from cold damage.

Frost Fans offer several advantages over traditional frost protection methods, such as water sprinklers. They are less labour intensive, more cost-effective and can be used in a wider range of conditions.

Frost Fans work by circulating air around the clock, evenly distributing heat to prevent frost from settling on plants. This means that they can be left running for long periods of time, providing 24/7 protection against frost damage.

Orchard-Rite blades are constructed from solid fibreglass. The fan design is in line with fundamental aeronautic principles – that state “high aspect ratio blades are more efficient than low aspect ratio blades.” 

Orchard-Rite fans are specifically designed for orchards and vineyards and are built to withstand the tough Australian climate. With a wide range of models available, there is sure to be a fan that suits your needs.

Having sold more than 38,000 frost fans worldwide, it’s fair to say these machines are the best product to protect your crops and ensure you don’t lose a year's work to mother nature. Portable and Optimisable to suit your needs, Growers Services Frost Fans can supply you with the great crop protection from the moment we install your frost fan and for decades after.

If you are concerned about frost damage to your crops, contact Growers Services Frost Fans today to find out how we can help. We offer a free no-obligation quote and can tailor a package to suit your specific needs.

Don’t let frost damage ruin your season – call Growers Services All Branches: 0448 924 204

Protecting Farmers Across Australia

Growers Services Frost Fans are the factory authorised dealer in Australia for Orchard-Rite® Frost Fans. Orchard-Rite® is the number 1 selling Frost Fan worldwide, having sold over 38,000 worldwide. Orchard-Rite® Frost Protection Fans have been manufactured in the USA since 1974. Many of the first Orchard-Rite® machines produced are still in operation today. The company also produces mobile frost fans. All major components are made in-house at the Orchard-Rite® factory in Yakima, WA.


During the bloom, and especially right after petal fall, is the most sensitive time for the developing almond

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Apple trees can be susceptible to frost damage during critical bud, bloom and fruiting stages.

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Grapevine frost damage in the spring can severely reduce your yields later in the season.

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Stone Fruit

It's best to play it safe and protect your crop

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Frost freezes the sap in avocado trees, which results in cell damage

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With the beginning of blossom, flowers can resist only light frosts without any significant damage.

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Frost can damage Citrus leaf, branch and fruit.

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Frost symptoms on olives include damaged fruit, tip burn, leaf curl, defoliation, limb die-back, bark splitting, lesions increase susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections.

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Frost during bloom may cause serious damage to developing flower buds and blooms.

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