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          Orchard-Rite Frost Fans

Combining Growers Services 75+ years of agricultural business with the 50+ years experience Orchard-Rite® have with developing and manufacturing frost fans, Growers Services is well equipped to provide you with the best frost protection possible.

As the factory authorised supplier of the world’s #1 selling frost fan brand Orchard-Rite®, Growers Services is in a unique position to help farmers across Australia protect their livelihood from the potential devastation of frosts. 

Whether it’s vineyards or olives, avocados or citrus, nuts or berries that you need to protect, we have a broad selection of frost fans to suit a variety of different crops, for both small and large scale operations.

As a family owned and operated business, we also understand the challenges faced by many farmers, and with our branches located in NSW, Victoria and South Australia we will be on hand to advise and maintain this important tool. Our factory trained staff can map your property and advise you on the best location to place your fan for maximum frost protection.

Feel confident in contacting us for more information on how we can help protect your crops from frost.