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Orchard-Rite Frost Fans Australia

 Frost Fan Three Blades


Model 2430 Quiet Frost Fan

Orchard-Rite designed a Frost Fan that only produces 49 dB at 300m and more airflow than any multi-blade* frost fan on the market. *Multi-blade refers to machines with three or more blades.


Orchard-Rite Frost Fan - Two Blades

Model 2600 Frost Fan

Independent testing of Orchard-Rite's Model 2600 Frost Fan show that when compared to four and five blade fans Orchard Rite has the best airflow, best thrust and best wind momentum.

Frost Fan Two Blades

Orchard-Rite Frost Fans

World-wide sales of Orchard-Rite Frost fans have now exceeded 37,000. The biggest selling model is the Orchard-Rite 2600 Frost fan which has the most thrust, air flow and wind momentum.

Orchard-Rite Portable Frost Machine

Portable Frost Fan

Move this powerful portable fan to different crops to protect multiple crops from frost damage. With a 110 hp diesel engine it blows the competition away no other mobile frost fan can compete. They are toys in comparison.